Guidelines for Original Contents


The core of JuFLT (a.k.a. NeoRetro Camera Review) original contents is to bring original presentation of technical details, caveats and stories behind photography devices to a wider audience and, therefore, to promote both sensible and reasonable understanding of the engineering marvels behind photography.

Unique characterstics are crucial for such desired presentation, for which originality is indispensible.


Sources of information will be clearly credited. Constructive discussion is highly encouraged. Corrections will have its place that is accessible to the audience.

Moderate Clickbait with Good Wills

The way current mainstream platforms on the Internet works heavily relies on recommendation algorithm, in which the click rate of a content plays an important role.

Passive content consumers (who get access to the content through timeline or related content recommendation feeds) count for much larger population than active content consumers (who arrive at the content using search engine). To keep one content ``alive’’ in recommendation feeds, moderate clickbait actions will be taken.

Quality over Quantity

For ``Flagship Series’’ Only

Research, rephrasing, rehearsal, recording, reviewing, … All of these steps require full devotion, which will grow out only if sufficient time has been given.

Open to Collaboration

One tree does not make a forest.


Last modified time: February, 2021